Paneer Ki Sabji Kaise Banate Hain

The phrase Paneer Ki Sabji Kaise Banate Hain
Hi folks! This article will present the recipe for Paneer Ki Sabji Kaise Banate Hain. Preparing a vegetable using this recipe will taste delicious, and everyone will flee from its aroma. This veggie is simple to prepare, and your guests will compliment you. Hence, let’s begin preparing paneer curry.

Paneer Ki Sabji
Paneer Ki Sabji

Items needed to make paneer curry

200 grams paneer
Three onion
two tomatoes
2-inch slice of ginger
One teaspoon of dried coriander
Red chili powder, half a teaspoon
Garam masala, one teaspoon
0.5 teaspoons of turmeric powder
cinnamon one
1/4 cups of oil
50 ml of curd
Salt to taste and one big cardamom
One teaspoon cumin
One bay leaf,

Paneer Ki Sabji Banane Ki Vidhi

Initially, we’ll take a vessel and fill it with oil. We will add onions sliced into long pieces to the oil once heated.
Add more oil so we can deep fry the onions.
We’ll remove the onion once it turns a light brown and add the garlic and ginger to the remaining oil.
We’ll remove it once the ginger and garlic are cooked.
We’ll now fill a grinder jar with fried onions, garlic, and ginger. We’ll grind it now.
We shall remove this paste in a basin after grinding. Remember that you don’t need to use water to scrape it.
Now that we have tomatoes in this container, we will purée them.
We will now reheat the same oil. After the oil is hot, we will add the large cardamom, cinnamon stick, and bay leaf.
We will turn down the burner and add red chili and turmeric powder after the cumin crackles.
Recipe for Paneer ki Sabji in Hindi
I’ll blend each of these. We’ll now add tomato paste to it. This tomato paste will be heated for one minute.
We will add ginger and onion paste to it after one minute. We will now combine it with garam masala and coriander powder.
Over the next two to three minutes, we’ll cook it while covering it.
We’ll turn off the gas after two minutes and add curd. The curd will curdle if you add it while the gas is still on.
After thoroughly combining the curd, we will switch on the gas and add 1 cup of water to this spice.
We’ll salt it after we’ve added water.
I will thoroughly combine all of these.
We’ll now add paneer to it. We’ll combine the vegetable after adding the cheese.
The veggie will be covered and cooked for 5 minutes on low heat. We’ll turn off the burner after 5 minutes and add one spoonful of ghee to the veggie.
The veggie gains a very attractive hue as a result. You can have our paneer curry with roti, puris, or rice.

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