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Presenting delicious garlic butter, a gourmet secret weapon. This adaptable spread provides an easy method to improve flavor in your cooking.

Garlic butter, which is luscious, aromatic, and flavorful, acts as the ideal link between cooking simplicity and refinement. Any meal may become memorable by adding the perfect amount of pungent garlic and earthy herbs. The best thing, though? It can be prepared at home. Our garlic butter is a delectable secret you’ll want to keep in your kitchen toolkit, whether you’re spreading it over freshly baked bread or using it to baste a sizzling steak. It’s an invitation to create and enjoy; it’s more than just a recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use garlic butter?

Butter with garlic is highly adaptable! Use it to baste meat or shellfish, sauté veggies, or spread it on bread to make delicious garlic toast.

Does garlic butter have to be refrigerated?

Indeed, you should keep garlic butter chilled to preserve its quality and stop it from going bad.

Can I make vegan garlic butter?

Absolutely! Making vegan garlic butter is as simple as using a plant-based butter alternative in place of dairy butter. Choose a plant-based butter you are familiar with and enjoy because not all plant-based butters are made equal.


If dairy is a problem, a high-quality plant-based butter can be a great alternative. If you’re looking for a low-sodium solution, think about using unsalted butter and drizzling on salt as you go. Keep in mind that the herbs and garlic are what work the magic. The salt is only included to improve these great flavors!

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Serving Suggestions

A variety of foods match incredibly well with garlic butter. It can be combined with pasta and grilled chicken to make a quick and filling supper. A small amount of garlic butter on grilled shrimp or lobster can elevate your seafood dish to restaurant-quality status. Organizing a dinner? Your guests will go crazy for the baguette that has garlic butter on it.

homemade garlic butter in a small white dish next to a loaf of French bread.

Storage Instructions

Garlic butter can last up to two weeks if kept covered in the refrigerator.

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