Chocolate gulab jamun choco gulab jamun

Chocolate Gulab Jamun | Choco Gulab Jamun | Holi Recipe

Whatever name we pick, chocolate gulab jamun—also known as a gulab jamun with khoya (kova)—is a mouthwatering jamun with a twist. We can also refer to it as a gulab jamun surprise. And these chocolate gulab jamuns are the ideal treat for Holi to give to loved ones and friends. You can also create this using milk powder using my milk powder gulab jamun recipe and stuffing chocolates. I made this with khoya by using my khoya (mawa) gulab jamun recipe as a base.

Chocolate gulab jamun choco gulab jamun
Chocolate gulab jamun choco gulab jamun

Who doesn’t enjoy some soft gulab jamun for Holi? Of course, we make this delicious treat regardless of whether it’s a special event or not, and it’s not just for Holi. For my husband’s birthday, I baked chocolate gulab jamun. He loves chocolate a lot, so I also created a triple chocolate cake. Of course, he liked the chocolate surprise. It’s fantastic when people mistake it for a regular jamun and discover a chocolate surprise inside. What more could you possibly want?

Try these chocolate jamuns if you’re hosting a Holi celebration at home for a unique take on the traditional jamun. You may also mix things up; for example, make half ordinary jamuns and the other half chocolate-flavored items. Please comment on how you liked the recipe.

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For Chocolate Gulab Jamun, ingredients

Unsweetened Khoya/Kova, 1 cup

Maida/Plain Flour, 3 tbsp

Baking soda, 1/4 tsp.

Powdered cardamom, a pinch

Choco Chips or Chocolate Bits, 1/4 Cup, for Frying – For Sugar Syrup, Ghee/Oil, Two cups of sugar – Water

2- Cardamom Pods, Crushed

Saffron strands are few.

2-3 Drops – Kewra or Rose Water (optional)

– Slivered Almonds/Pistachios


Make sugar syrup for that by adding sugar and water and bringing it to a rolling boil in a large pot or jar. If desired, add cardamom powder, saffron threads, rosewater, or kewra water. On a medium burner, boil for 10 to 12 minutes, skim off any scum, and then turn off the heat.

Bring the khoya to room temperature if it is frozen. Add khoya to a bowl and crumble it. Mix well after adding maida, baking powder, and cardamom powder. Depending on the texture of your khoya, you might require more or less maida; if your khoya is exceptionally soft, you might need more maida. Prepare a firm, silky dough.

Divide the dough into equal portions, roll them into small balls, fill them with minor (smaller than you see in the step-by-step picture as I chopped chocolate further later), chopped chocolate pieces, or chocolate chips, and then deep fry them in hot oil or ghee. Apply no pressure when forming balls. The finished balls should be smooth and without any cracks.

When the oil is hot, add 5–6 jamuns and fry them till golden brown at a low temperature.

For even cooking, keep stirring the jamun at regular intervals. Drop them into the warm sugar syrup after quickly drying them with a kitchen towel. Make sure the sugar syrup is at least somewhat heated. Jamuns should soak for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. Add dry fruits as a garnish.

This melt-in-your-mouth gulab jamun with chocolate surprise is either warm or cold.

Notes Thaw any frozen khoya before using it.

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To make it simple to roll jamuns after stuffing, chop the chocolate into little pieces. I then chopped it into even smaller pieces.

Use my recipe for milk powder gulab jamuns and make chocolate stuffing to make the same chocolate jamuns.

This can also be made with gulab jamun instant mix.

Avoid dropping jamuns into boiling oil because they will turn dark brown without cooking.

For Holi or to make any occasion memorable, the well-known and delectable Gulab Jamun is a must-have.

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